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Addiction Medicine

Addiction medicine is a medical specialty concerned with the study and treatment of a wide range of addiction disorders including alcohol and drug addiction, and pharmaceutical dependency. Addiction is a chronic condition characterized by loss of interest in work, socializing or participating in recreational activities, inability to quit the drug and the presence of withdrawal symptoms when trying to stop using the drug.

Treating addiction is a challenging and long process that targets behavior and brain function, and requires the patient’s full cooperation. Addiction medicine treatment is individualized to your particular condition and involves:

  • Detoxification or withdrawal therapy to help you stop using the substance as safely and quickly as possible, while working to minimize withdrawal symptoms.
  • Treatment of co-existing medical conditions such as depression and anxiety, which may be contributing to the addiction.
  • Relapse prevention by controlling or decreasing cravings and re-establishing normal brain function.
  • Counselling usually involves family counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy, psychotherapy, group therapy or individual therapy and outpatient or inpatient treatment. Counselling helps you to cope with your drug cravings and provide strategies and suggestions to deal with and prevent relapse.

Addiction can be cured, but it is critical that you stay through the entire treatment plan for a complete recovery.

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Addiction Medicine
Addiction Medicine
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